WordPress and Twitter: The Handbook!

UPDATE: Well folks, this is no longer for sale, mostly because the Twitter and WordPress world keeps on evolving and I don’t have the necessary time to keep updating this with the latest accurate info. Thanks to all who purchased! I’ll keep this post here minus the sales link for the sake of posterity. See ya!

This is my first ebook, and I should probably have a big ‘ol long squeeze page made up for this product but I’m not going to. Too lazy.

Luckily I wasn’t too lazy to sit down and write this Twitter and WordPress Handbook.

I think it’s safe to say that this ebook will most likely change the course of human history for the better, ushering in a new age of peace, love and understanding that will last for eternity, and beyond…*

Consider this true story:

I was at a bar in downtown Milwaukee, just talking to the regulars…

ME: “So how’s it going?”
MAN: “I hate my life. My brother slept with my wife and I work at a dead-end job.”

Man starts sobbing…

ME: “WordPress & Twitter Handbook for Beginners.”
MAN: (stops crying) “Really? You don’t say! I forgive my brother and wife. Everything’s gonna be ok!”
ME: “©2011 John Garrett…”

So as you can see, it would be wise not to underestimate the power of this ebook.

Oh yeah, there’s also some tips in there on hooking up your Twitter and WordPress blogging stuff.

But seriously, folks:

Seriously, I made this up because people were emailing me and other people I know who wanted to get into blogging were asking me how to use Twitter with a blog.

Many of these same people didn’t know about WordPress, either, so in the hopes of sparing some newbies the indignities of running a Dreamweaver powered blog (don’t laugh, we’ve all seen it!) I reached deep down inside myself and came up with with this ebook.

(I also came up with a bunch of guts and black stuff but I didn’t put that in the book.)

Anyway, the ebook is broken down into four sections:

  • Section I: Twitter – How To Get Followers
  • Section II: Twitter – On Using Twitter
  • Section III: WordPress – How To Integrate With Twitter
  • Section IV: WordPress – Final Tips

If you think you might benefit from this awesome cornucopia of knowledge then please go ahead and pick it up. Those of you who know all this stuff already but are tired of saying it over and over again please forward it on to your friends so they can pick it up.

This all for the amazing price of: $10!

WordPress & Twitter Handbook for Beginners! (No longer available for sale)

Oh yeah! Even if you don’t need an ebook like this, I’d like to add a little incentive for you guys to share this post.

I’ve created this desktop wallpaper (1280 x 1024) that you can download for free!

Also, for those of you who are curious how the cover was made, I’ve included working (layered) files of the Photoshop and Illustrator documents used to create it.

All you have to do to download it is share this post by clicking this button!

Code now removed -JG

Thanks for reading! Enjoy, (and learn from) the ebook!

*Wordpress & Twitter Handbook for Beginners will not actually change the course of human history for the better, ushering in a new age of peace, love and understanding that will last for eternity, and beyond…I tried, though.

Thanks for sharing!


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  1. Delena Silverfox
    Twitter: delenasilverfox
    on Apr 14, 2011

    Curses, JG!

    You made me laugh so loudly I woke up the baby. =P That was awesome.

    John Lennon would be proud: if he were alive today, he’d be singing, “Imagine all the people/ reading WordPress & Twitter Handbook! You…might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one/ Beginners read this Handbook/ and the world will live as one!”


    The cover looks amazing, by the way. If I used WP, i’d have already bought this.


    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Apr 14, 2011

      Hey Delena!

      I’m sorry about waking up the baby :)

      Yeah I figure I’ll just pick up here where John Lennon left off and bring some peace to this crazy world with a book about WordPress and Twitter.

      If you ever need to start up using WordPress I guess you’ll know where to go, right??

      Anyway as always it’s a pleasure to have you here, thanks for commenting!

  2. Brankica@Blogging for beginners
    Twitter: liveurlove
    on Apr 14, 2011

    Hey John, does this mean it is launched :) Cause I know the book is great and wanna start getting the word out. I am downloading this file now, can’t wait to see what you got!!!

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Apr 14, 2011

      YES, it is launched like a MOFO!! lol

      Now to relax and let the millions flow in…

      thanks for checking it out and let me know if you have any questions on the files :)

  3. Dino Dogan
    Twitter: dino_dogan
    on Apr 14, 2011

    Thnx…Im looking fwd to checking this out :-)

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Apr 14, 2011

      Hey Dino, I’d appreciate that!

      But most of this might be all old hat to a pro like you, I think.

      I never considered myself an expert on this stuff (and still don’t), but I hadn’t realized how far I’d come until more and more people were asking me questions and I realized THEY were where I was at a year ago.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Dino Dogan
        Twitter: dino_dogan
        on Apr 15, 2011

        I wanted to get it for the design, not necessarily for content. Based on the cover, I knew you did a good job with the book. However, the download didnt include the book, just bunch of folders with image, illustrator, etc type files in it.

        Can you email me the pdf please at dino.dogan at gmail

        • JG
          Twitter: johngarrettx
          on Apr 15, 2011

          It is sent off, my friend! Just let me know if you didn’t get it.

  4. Mitchell Allen
    Twitter: Anklebuster
    on Apr 14, 2011

    Hey John,

    This was absolutely the best sales page ever!
    I loved the ebook, too. I like almost all of the advice and I really believe it will be helpfel for beginners. Heck, I learned about a few resources as well!

    Can’t wait to see the intermediate guide, next ;)



    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Apr 14, 2011

      Mitch, you’re right on time, man!

      I looked at a bunch of squeeze pages and I thought “is this ebook really important enough for a mile-long squeeze page?”

      I’ve pretty much ignored all “Launch Coach” protocol here, too. That’s why instead of the cool $2mil I was projected to make, I’ve only made about $1.5mil so far. I know, it’s a disgrace.

      I think I may be coming out with my Joomla book next, but we gotta get your launch going first, right?

      • Mitchell Allen
        Twitter: Anklebuster
        on Apr 15, 2011

        For reals, man. I feel like I’m back in high school, working on that semester-long project that’s going to determine 75% of my grade. It’s lonely in the man-cave and, sometimes, I feeling like I’m going insane.

        But, the work is proceeding apace. Seeing your launch gives me an extra burst of motivation!



  5. Karen@Lån on Apr 15, 2011

    I can’t get enough of the book cover, it’s too cute!

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Apr 15, 2011

      That’s what I was going for :) Thanks for commenting, Karen!

  6. Benny on Apr 15, 2011

    First time to your blog today. Saw Dino make a comment about how you had the best “about me” page and I think he’s right!

    Congrats on the e-book. You say you’re not an expert but all you need to do is know more than the beginners and you can provide them with great info. I’m sure this will do well!

    Do love the cover like everyone else.

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Apr 16, 2011

      Thanks, Benny!

      My hope is that this will get the beginners up to speed and then they’ll be ready (and able to afford) the more in-depth offerings out there :)

  7. Mitch Mitchell on Apr 17, 2011

    Well, I’m not a TweetMeMe guy, but I do go and post this link on Twitter to help out some. I think it’s a good time for something like this. Maybe you can send some copies to Congress so they’ll stop fighting each other. :-)

    Then again your CommentLuv doesn’t seem to be working for anyone; hope you didn’t mention that in the book.

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Apr 17, 2011

      Mitch thanks much for retweeting and dropping in to comment!

      Especially thanks for alerting me to the Commentluv issue. I recently upgraded to 3.1 and I guess it’s not broke, most likely conflicting with one of my plugins.

      I check the “banned url” page at Comluv.com and that ain’t it, so the search continues…always more work to do lol…

  8. JG on Apr 18, 2011

    Haha! I got the ComLuv fixed. It was a couple of rogue scripts in my theme and plugins that were throwing errors before ComLuv could do it’s thing.

    All it took was a quick email to Andy and problem solved. That dude is on top of things!
    JG recently posted..Firebug Web Developer- A Guide To Making Your Web Developing Life EasierMy Profile

  9. Mitch Mitchell on Apr 19, 2011

    Good deal; and just in time, as someone wrote me on Twitter thanking me for writing the book and I had to tell him I didn’t write it. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..As Seen On TVMy Profile

  10. Patricia@lavender oil
    Twitter: lavenderuses
    on Apr 20, 2011

    Hi John

    Great cover and kudos to you for getting the ebook finished and out there. I’m still working on mine….sometimes LOL

    All the best and this is something that newbies need to know and some more experienced tweeters too. Way to go Johen :-)

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavender oil recently posted..To buy or not to buy…that is the questionMy Profile

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  12. Melinda
    Twitter: Findingthehumor
    on May 1, 2011

    I had to get it after laughing so hard. You are a genius sales page writer. The fine print at the end was killing me. I did pick up a few tips in there I didn’t know about! Thanks!
    Melinda recently posted..Tom Baker’s Projects Always Deliver FunMy Profile

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on May 2, 2011

      Melinda! Thanks for commenting and picking up the book :) As funny as you are, I think if I can make you laugh then I gotta be doing something right! I gotta get back over to your blog so I can get some yuks myself :P

  13. Toby Aletha@swiss replicas
    Twitter: TobyAletha
    on May 4, 2011

    wow…this review was excellent…
    I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure that is a great tutorial for newbies =)
    Congratulations with your book!
    Toby Aletha@swiss replicas recently posted..Flawless Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches – Timeless And AffordableMy Profile

  14. JG
    Twitter: johngarrettx
    on May 14, 2011

    No doubt Ruth, I agree on all fronts. It’s also important to keep up communication with your readers and really take advantage of the “social” aspect of these networks. Thanks for commenting and stop back soon!

  15. Andrew Walker on May 22, 2011

    It’s hilarious. This is exactly what I’m looking for. I believe it will be very practical for a newbie. Don’t stop sharing information, JG. Thanks a lot. See you later.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Omnis CouponsMy Profile

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on May 28, 2011

      Hey Andrew that’s exactly what I was going for! Sometimes this stuff is so intimidating for newbies, I know it was for me!

  16. Your illustrations and writing is so funny! Congrats on your first ebook-definitely something that I wish I had when I first started out but I will take the free wallpaper :) Thanks!

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on May 28, 2011

      Hey Gina, anytime! I hope you enjoyed the wallpaper. I enjoyed putting it together :)

  17. Diane@ Title Loans on May 25, 2011

    Very cool. Congratulations on your first book! How long did it take you to put it together. This sounds great for beginning bloggers and incorporating the social sites to ensure your blog. I got the social part down, just trying to enhance my blog in general. Thanks!

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on May 28, 2011

      Hey Diane, I’d say it took me about a week to put it all together. I always kept thinking of one more things when I was writing it, then I STILL forgot some stuff lol

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