Fat-ASS Friday Links – 10-15-2010


Hey everyone, JG here with another round of Fat-ASS Friday Links!!!

Ok, maybe it’s not exactly deserving of three exclamation points, but it’s still pretty exciting, no?

Don’t answer that.

Anyway, on with the show. These links are the result of my web meandering this week. Hopefully you find these helpful, or at least entertaining. Let’s do this thing.



I hate to say I forgot where I saw this link. Normally I’d like to attribute it to whatever blog/site I was reading, but I forgot. Damn, damn, damn.

Anyway, Font Squirrel‘s tagline is “Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses.”

The site is very cool because many times you’ll see a bunch of list posts such as “100 FREE High-Quality Fonts!”, but when you read the license it won’t allow you to use it in a commercial project. Curses!

So they’ve gone and read all the fine print for you. Better them than me :)

Saw this over at the Themeforest site this week. Good googa mooga, people! I had no idea the potential earnings were that high from WordPress theme development. Time to get into the game, y’all.

To that end, I appreciated these timely articles popping up this week:
WP-Snippets Helps You Get Code Snippets To Facilitate WordPress Theme Development

I’m not sure if I’ll jump right into this snippets site, though. I’d like to really learn the code first and then fall back on time-saving techniques like this.

10 Basic Tips for Improving WordPress Themes
There’s always something good over at Six Revisions, but again, this was a timely WordPress theme article right when I made the decision to get into this.

I also jumped in and bought this book from Sitepoint.com on designing “Wicked” WordPress themes:
Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes

Although this article over on Yoast made me worry a bit about the competency of the Sitepoint book:
Quick WP Tip: paths and URLs in WordPress

Still, I’ll go through it and learn what I can from it. It should at least get me started and on my way to wealth and riches!


In Joomla news, see my recent article about my meeting with the Milwaukee, WI JUG (Joomla User’s Group) as well as Joomla co-founder Brian Teeman:

Following up on that will be a night with sh404SEF (the premier Joomla SEO extension) developer Yannick Gaultier. Should be another fun night!

Then, this week Joomla 1.5.21 was released (they just keep going with those, don’t they!) so if you haven’t patched your sites yet get to it.

It used to be a bit of a hassle to update Joomla, but these days with the Update Manager Extension (this functionality is now moved into the Joomla core with 2.5 and above), there’s just no excuse for putting it off. Get it done, people!

Finally, over on iJoomla, Merav did a rather interesting Joomla.org Usability Testing Report. The article and the comments really made me think about how I’m going to approach usability with regards to creating websites in the future.


Here’s a great primer article from Ars Technica on how the new Facebook groups feature works. I was initially cold on the prospect of Groups replacing Lists, but I can see a lot more potential now. I guess not all change has to be bad.
How to use, abuse, and leave Facebook Groups

This article from Social Media Examiner takes you through how to use and get the most out of Delicious, which I’m ashamed to say I’ve never used. But now I see how it could be pretty handy and useful so I’m gonna go and set up shop there.
How to Use Delicious: The King of Social Bookmarking

Another Social Media Examiner article. This one has a video from Mari Smith (love this lady!) explaining how to use video to your advantage in your social media endeavors!

How to Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing

or here’s the video:


I guess the waiting period is over for the Netflix ban on “disc-free streaming”. Meaning that those of you who use this service will now b able to use it more efficiently by freeing up your disc drive for something else.

This was something I never really used but the number of comments definitely shows that people are interested and invested in this.
Netflix on PS3: Disc-free Next Week

Another PS3 movie tidbit: If you sign on to the PSN between 8PM and 6AM EST every Saturday Night, you’ll be able to snag a free movie rental. Nice! We can use this for those snowy winter nights that are just around the corner for those of us in the midwest USA.
Free ‘Midnight Movies’ on PSN every Saturday night


I had just written about how I tormented myself with some romantic comedies recently, so I was just in the mood to laugh at all the silly formulaic plot standards they all share.

On a side note, I do really hate these list articles that want to run up their page views by breaking up each list item into a new screen/page. Very, very annoying if there’s not a “view all” link.

14 Things We Learned From Romantic Comedies

And last but not least, this video of a dance-group out in California really cracked me up. I remembered back in the days when me and my friends really thought we were getting busy on the dance floor, but we were nothing like these guys!

Anyway, that wraps up another Fat-ASS Friday Link’s adventure. So hopefully you got something out of it and let me know if you have any links you want to share in the comments. Peace!

Thanks for sharing!


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  1. teh movie rental business in our area is dropping because most pople like to watch movie online these days _

  2. Wall Hooks on Dec 2, 2010

    i always frequent movie rentals because i am a movie addict and i watch so many movies at one time ;.:

  3. Great links for anyone, especially web developers. Keep up the good work!

    • JG
      Twitter: johngarrettx
      on Jan 9, 2011

      Thanks , John. I haven’t done one of these in a while.

      I’ll probably get back into it, but if you like those Friday round-ups you should check out Kristi Hines over at her site for her Friday mash-up:


      Beware, you will need a LOT of time to go through all those links, lol…

  4. Nab@förstoppning on Jan 23, 2011

    That fat-ASS friday picture at the top of your post made me laugh my arse off.


  5. That video is amazing. Did you find this video or were you the one behind the camera? Oh yeah, thanks for the links!!! :D

  6. Gina@ Conveyor Systems on Jun 3, 2011

    Nice photo up there LOL. Those boys were entertaining to watch, but seemed a little random that they did that in the middle of the street and crosswalk.
    Today is Friday and I think I’ll take advantage of my night off and watch XMen First Class. And you?

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