Titans|Divinity 04

The sci-fi comic Titans|Divinity continues. We finally find out the answer to the question – what the devil is an Ego-Lattice?


Time for another sci-fi episode of the Titans|Divinity saga. This week we introduce the Titan called Niva!

Time for another 3D superhero. This week it’s Batman’s old sidekick Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing!

Episode 2 of last weeks’ Titan’s Divinity comic. Sci-fi action inside!

This is a sci-fi story I’ve had kicking around in my head for years. The Titans are a force of peacekeepers, essentially. I guess a close equivalent would be DC Comics’ Green Lantern Corps, although they Titans are not quite as friendly as the GL’s. They’re very, very far away from Earth, with essentially no hope of ever getting back there, so they have to make do where they are.

There’s a lot of talk going ’round these days about actor Michael B. Jordan, a Black actor, being cast as The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot. The defenders usually jump right to racism as the only reason anyone could have an issue with this. But I think that’s just an easy way for these guys to avoid the real issue.

I wish I could say it was some genius master cracker that tricked Amazon, Apple and Twitter to get into my account, but unfortunately it was just plain carelessness.

Usually, when you hear someone discuss DC’s New 52 line-up, they’re talking about the disappointment they feel. While I can mostly agree with the naysayers, in this post I’m going to call out 4 New 52 comics I feel are worth reading.

More Super Hero action happening here on Hypertransitory.com. This time one of my favorite heroes of all – Icon!

It’s time for another 3D superhero here on Hypertransitory.com. I was playing around in my 3D programs the other day, and I thought I’d take a crack at none other than Alex Summers, the X-Man called Havok.

Ok, maybe that headline is a bit harsh. He shouldn’t be killed, but he should certainly be tried, found guilty and locked up. Although he’s done a lot of good over the years, recently he’s messed up big time.

Here’s the latest piece of art I created of Jorr the Elf for my short story “The Cold Elf”.

Here’s a look at a 3D piece I cooked up of Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man.

It’s time for a new comic, featuring a Steampunk duo of heroes facing a terrible threat to the city of London. Oh, and this time the comic is in VIDEO form!

A couple of posts back I wrote about the problem of my site using too many resources on my host’s shared server. While the ultimate solution was revealed in that post, I’m going to reveal some tips that helped me improve this site’s performance by almost 100%, even though they weren’t the cause of the original issue.

Great news guys, this is my very first sponsored post here on Hypertransitory.com! Meaning I’m receiving compensation for todays Steampunk blog post.

I’ve had many opportunities to monetize this site, and between advertising and other sponsored posts, I’ve pretty much turned them all down.

Luckily for me this is something I’d blog about anyway, and I had a lot of fun creating the art you’re about to see, so I think this works out for everyone.

For the last several months, life has been pretty good. I’ve been hanging out, relaxing, having fun and doing some good work. Except -unbeknownst to me, my website had been under attack the entire time.